FairMate Cashier I Helpdesk

FairMate Cashier is a digital cash register built specifically with trade fairs in mind. Like all FairMate software, it runs on the hardware of your choice.

FairMate Cashier supports a wide range of prices and ticket models. Using the FairMate ConfigTool, you can create and configure tickets, limit them to certain groups of people and manage discounts, vouchers and free tickets. FairMate Cashier offers an intuitive interface and requires very little training, making it the optimal tool to aid your staff with visitor registrations and ticket sales.

FairMate Cashier thinks for itself: It only offers appropriate tickets for sale. For instance, season tickets are no longer available on the last day of an event, and persons eligible for any rebates automatically receive the discounted price. The system has access to the data of all registered visitors, including a list of tickets they may already have purchased. The integrated help desk functionality offers support for any questions or problems that might arise.

FairMate Cashier at a glance

Built specifically for trade fairs
Visitor registration and ticket sales
Integrated help desk functionality
View and amend data for registered visitors
Intuitive interface
Hardware independent