FairMate ConfigTool

The FairMate ConfigTool is used to configure your FairMate system and to create and control ticket types and shops. The ConfigTool checks all entered data for plausibility and issues a warning if, for instance, a daily ticket costs more than a season ticket. FairMate complies with established auditing standards: Changes made to ticket prices and many other parameters are documented and can be reconstructed at any given time.

Creating a new shop is facilitated by the ability to use existing shops from previous and even unrelated events as a template. The FairMate ConfigTool is menue driven and supports users with extensive search and help functionality. Since it is a web application, users can access the ConfigTool from anywhere without the need to install any special software.

The tool is multilingual so that any FairMate application can be written in any of the world's existing character sets (such as Chinese, Cyrillic or Arabic), enabling you to address your international customers in their national language throughout the entire shopping process.

FairMate ConfigTool at a glance

Web application requires no installation
Manage ticket types
Configure shops
Plausibility checks
Compliant with auditing requirements