FairMate Registration

FairMate Registration collects and evaluates visitor data, which can be used for event preparations and marketing purposes. FairMate delivers detailed, valid data that will help you to understand your customers better and help to adjust your offers accordingly, for instance with targeted mailings.

For trade fair visitors, FairMate includes a legitimation process where visitors can upload relevant documents such as press cards or commercial register excerpts.

Pre-registration and statistical analyses from previous events offer a high planning and investment security. With FairMate, important decisions like how to organise the admission process effectively or how many cash registers to implement can be made based on hard facts.

The FairMate Registration is fully responsive for all screens. FairMate recognises mobile use and automatically adjusts functions such as mobile uploading of a photo instead of a PDF (e.g. for legitimation). The FairMate Registration intelligently checks the data entered and automatically jumps to the appropriate place in case of input errors before the user continues with his registration.

FairMate Registration at a glance

Valid, detailed visitor data
Trade visitor legitimation
Planning and investment security