FairMate TurnStyle

FairMate TurnStyle is a robust turnstile entrance solution that efficiently regulates the flow of visitor to your events. Above all, the turnstile was designed to ensure the quickest possible access. Using the latest scanning technology on the market, we now offer you the fastest FairMate entrance solution ever. Thanks to the ability to produce the corresponding badge straight away while your visitors enter, we have succeeded in producing a true innovation. Besides classic QR codes, the turnstile is also able to read mobile tickets, smartphone tickets and tickets with NFC technology. When the entry request was successful, both the visitor and the service personnel immediately receive a clear audio-visual signal.

FairMate TurnStyle delivers the visitor entry and exit data collected to the FairMate ControlCenter. You thus have an overview of the number of visitors on the grounds at all times.

FairMate TurnStyle at a glance

Turnstile with a robust and chic design
Combined ticket scanner, badge printer and admission counter
The most up-to-date scanning technology
Efficiently controlling a rush of visitors of this magnitude with acceptable waiting times
Mobile tickets, smartphone tickets and tickets with NFC technology