FairMate SelfCheckIn

FairMate SelfCheckin is an on-site, self-service terminal allowing visitors to register and buy tickets for the event. It serves as an alternative to regular cash registers. For efficient and fast processing, the user can choose between text field, Speech-to-Text or the scan of the business card to enter the required data.

In addition to relieving cashiers, FairMate SelfCheckin also improves the quality and availability of visitor data compared to data processed from written registration forms. Information entered through a FairMate terminal is immediately available for further analysis.
FairMate SelfCheckin is hardware independent and is compatible with own tablets, laptops or PCs.
In this case, visitors need only still to pay which reduces waiting time at the cashier considerably.

FairMate SelfCheckin at a glance

Self-service registration and ticket purchase
High quality visitor data, available immediately
Flexible deployment
Hardware independent
Optical and acoustic feedback