FairMate CRM

FairMate CRM is your mastermind, your central visitor database. Before, during and after an event, actions such as registrations, ticket purchases and admissions are recorded, linked to the appropriate visitor data record and available immediately for further use. FairMate offers intelligent data management: duplicates can be detected and removed (or merged) automatically. You can also import data from other external sources.

FairMate CRM helps you to maintain a complete overview of your marketing campaigns. The latest data collected during an event is always available via the FairMate Reports tool. With FairMate CRM you can manage all your mailing campaigns, and produce detailed marketing statistics. The powerful search functionality allows you to pinpoint your target audience.

FairMate CRM at a glance

Comprehensive data for targeted campaigns
Personalised statistics
Data import from external sources
Campaign tool for mailings and statistics
Extensive search functionality